I ended up not going to the ren fair today. I just didn’t want to deal with the mental exhaustion that comes with it. I don’t see why I have to go each day, especially when all my mom and I do is see the same joust everyday. I love supporting Max and everything as well, but well… read what I explained in my previous entry. I just hope he’s not upset with me for not going today.

I think one reason I didn’t go was to see what Max would do though. Because as I said, he hasn’t been treating me like I’m special. It makes me really sad, but I guess it’s just kind of natural. I don’t know. I mean, I adore him to pieces because he’s a really nice guy… it’s just that it makes me wonder if I’m just annoying him now. Maybe that’s why I’m not special to him anymore.

Keep in mind that I get paranoid a lot because of my anxiety too. I’m probably just getting too worked up. *shrug* Anyway, I FINALLY FOUND BOOK ONE OF MY KINGDOM KEEPERS SERIES THOUGH!!! My mom found the missing book three on a bookshelf that I had random shit on or something. I didn’t even see it there, but then I must not have been looking very hard either.

I really want to do some writing though. I should be reading my book, but I can’t find a place to do it where I’m not going to be distracted. Plus, I don’t like to go to new places because of routine and sameness. No matter where I seem to go, I’ll probably run into heavy distractions. It’s the joy of having ADHD, amirite? lol