My Special Needs

As read from my about me page, you may have seen my talk about my autism. Well, I’m going to tell you more. My autism affects me in strange ways. It’s also a part of me and something that makes me who I am. There are times when it can be frustrating though, especially during meltdowns/outbursts as well. People often say mean things to me, which can hurt. I also don’t like loud noises either, and I really don’t like thunder. It’s unpredictable, meaning you never know when it’s going to just go BOOM!!! all of a sudden. x____x

I also have very severe anxiety. This pretty much rules my life on most days, but it also depends somewhat on my mood at times. It’s something I have been struggling with since graduating high school (or it may have been before that). I have a lot of similarities to Chuckie Finster of The Rugrats because that’s just how bad my anxiety can get. It’s horrible when it happens, but I’m doing my best to overcome it.